"Trent Austin has given me very good advice in areas including loan products, self managed super funds and managing debt. Trents communication skills are refreshingly different to your usual Adviser, listening and engaging when needed, explaining the benefits of products in the financial, investment and insurance sectors. Through Trent's knowledge and experience, I feel very confident that the advice given was right for my needs. I always received Trent's full care and attention when I needed it. I can confidently recommend Trent Austin and his team to be great at what they do !" Jodie 56-65


"Put simply , I Trust Paul. I felt confident and comfortable with Paul from the beginning 5years ago. Paul explains complex matters in a professional but easy to understand manner , and I’m extremely grateful for that. Paul has turned my “ average “ financial future into a “wonderful bright future “ something I could never of managed to do myself. I’m more than happy with Paul’s advise over the years , and I know he is only a phone call away if need advise. " Kym 56-65


"Trent provided advice to my husband and I on preparing for retirement and understanding how much we needed to retire comfortably. He ran a number of scenarios; answered many super and pension questions for us. Trent also suggested strategies we could implement that will increase our nest egg materially. We have left with comfort about our financial position and what steps we need to take next. Finally the cost of advice was well within Trent’s estimate. Thanks Trent - great job!" Ruth 56-65


"Have great confidence in Paul with his advice regarding our superannuation and transition to retirement investments.Pauls knowledge professionalism and understanding of our needs is second to none .He is only a phone call away at all times to answer any queries we have .I would recommend Paul to anyone" Brett 65+


"very happy to highly recommend Paul.he has been my financial advisor for very long time & I'm very appreciative & grateful for his advice & wise guiding hand..a pleasure to recommend Paul " Peter 56-65


"Paul has advised me in areas such as income protection, property investment and superannuation. He also provides invaluable advice to help me in my role of Power of Attorney for my ageing father. Navigating government assistance and aged care can be complicated but Paul has taken stress out of the picture. Communication from Paul and his team is always clear and reliable, and I'm so grateful that he can make complex information accessible. Paul and his team treat clients like family, I am so thankful to have been referred by friends to them. " Amber 35-45


"Paul has helped me from pre-retirement through retirement and is still a constant as I move forward (now 6 years on from retirement). He takes the time to understand my situation and is always there when I need advice on even the simplest thing. I am very grateful to him and he has my total trust." Chrissie 65+


"After 5 years plus, Paul’s has given me consistent advice and support that has enabled me to now retire with financial confidence. From the beginning, Paul had been my trusted advisor , partnering with me to ensure my understanding of my financial affairs and providing options within the broader context of my working life , financial capacity and social needs." Christine 65+


"I first became Pauls client, when he handled all my mothers investments on behalf of my sister and myself. He never charged us for all the excellent advice he gave us from Mum being 90 until she died at age 100. Now my husband and I are his clients and we are extremely pleased with the excellent advice he has given us. My husband is retiring (he is 88) and I am still working (age 73) and Paul has advised us on all aspects of my husband's retirement. He has also advised me on the best way of investing my inheritance. He and his competent staff are always attentive and answer calls and emails quickly. I would highly recommend him to any of my friends." Jan 65+


"Paul has given me advice on retirement, superannuation, investments and will in a very professional manner, always available to explain some aspects I found difficult. He has a lot of patience, awareness and is a great communicator. I feel confident he has my best interest at heart and have given his name to friends already. " Zabette 65+


"Paul took the time to meet with us several times over 6 months to best set up our personal insurances and review our cashflow to create useful wealth growth strategies" Matt under 35


"Paul has given us advice on superannuation and investment and has given us the confidence we needed with our finances to head into a comfortable early retirement. Paul took the time to listen to what is important to us and then advised us on the best way forward. Paul was able to explain things to us in a clear way and through Paul's knowledge and experience, we feel very confident that the advice given is right for our needs. Whenever we have any questions we receive a response in a timely manner and feel that we receive Paul's full care and attention when we need it. " Lisa 56-65


"Paul's advice has always been explained in a clear and concise way. I always receive Paul's care and attention when needed. Paul has ensured our investments have been protected to cover our lifestyle and savings needs by paying attention to yield. Paul is a trusted advisor and takes care to ensure that our needs are well understood and translated into the appropriate actions for us. This has been consistent over several years which is a unique thing in financial services these days. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Paul for keeping our portfolio safe through the ups and downs of a changing market." Dianne 65+


"Paul has given my wife and me advice in areas including our self managed super funds and estate planning. Paul is alway able to fully explain things to us. Although, of course, there is an age difference, between us, Paul has great empathy skills and is able to assess our financial needs through our older eyes rather than pursue more fashionable financial strategies. We have no hesitation in recommending Paul’s services to new potential clients." Robert 65+


"We have worked with Paul for a number of years and while our needs are small he has always been very knowledgeable and helpful. His replies are are quick easy to follow." Mike 65+


"Paul has helped my husband and I immensely with planning for our retirement. I was very unsure and nervous, but Paul explained things thoroughly and was very patient with all our questions. We are very confident heading into retirement that Paul has the right plan in place for our needs." Julie 56-65


"Paul has given me financial advice and continues to look after my Portfolio always keeping me updated to any changes. Paul’s knowledge and experience gives me great confidence in the advice he gives me and the results also confirm this. Paul is very patient and always takes the time to explain and answer my questions. Highly recommend Paul and his team." Lina 65+


"Paul has given us excellent advise in areas including superannuation, term deposits and advise on a rental property that was required by us through an deceased estate. Paul assisted in filling out Centrelink forms for the rental property and nursing home information. He's explanations regarding our requirements were clear and if we needed extra information Paul's response was immediate and informative. We are very confident that Paul's knowledge and experience is right for our needs. We have recommended Paul to family and friends and they are more than pleased with his services. " David 56-65


"Paul has given myself and my husband advice on investing a recent inheritance. He was very good in understanding our concerns and in explaining his proposal for investing these funds. He was very pleasant to talk to. His staff have subsequently been very helpful and efficient in working with us to set up the required accounts ." Lesley 65+


"Paul has been great, he has a broad scope of experience and gives us exactly the detail we want without too much." Andrew 46-55


"Paul has given me advice mainly in my super funds & share portfolio. He has always explained things in a very clear way so I could make the correct decisions on my needs. I am very confident with Paul & his assistants & feel if I have a problem , assistance is at hand." Joy 65+


"Paul has guided myself and my wife from work through to retirement on superannuation, Allocated pension, Centrelink problems and estate planning. Paul has always been available to advise and guide us ( even at short notice) On any matters of concern to us. My wife and I sleep very sound at night." Patrick 65+


"Paul provided my partner and I with financial advice in areas including insurance and protection, superannuation, and growing assets. Paul always explained things to us in a clear way, and through Paul's knowledge and experience we felt very confident that the advice given was right for our needs. I am very happy that we found Paul to assist us in our financial planning and look forward to continuing to work with him going forward." Jarrah under 35


"Paul has given me advice in areas including complex investments, self managed super funds asset growth and income. Paul was always able to explain things to me in a clear way. Through Paul's knowledge and experience, I feel very confident that the advice given was right for my needs. I usually received Paul's full care and attention when I needed it." Richard 56-65


"Paul in all areas of advice has always been approachable, prompt , concise, helpfull and clear. Have been a client of Paul's for 5 years and have been extremely happy with his advise and the outcomes all matters." Gregory 56-65


"In the past 10 years Paul has always been extremely attentive and consistently gone above and beyond my expectations. I have great confidence in his advice." Nathan 46-55


"Paul is able to explain clearly and concisely what I am required to do to manage my funds for my retirement. The annual update is detailed and easy to understand and Paul provides sound advice for the coming year." Anna 65+







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